Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense in the New Industrial Revolution

Aerospace and Defense industries are one of the most technologically advanced industries. In the forefront of innovation and evolution these industries are expanding due to rebounds of global economies and the rise of emerging regions. However, they are facing a number of challenges.
Increased regulations and very specific needs, require total process visibility and data collection. Monitoring everything is a must for this industry, as production challenges have increased.

Xintrix empowers aerospace and defense companies with improved process visibility and transparency. Our smart, real-time manufacturing management solutions allows you with:

  • Overall process and parts traceability,
  • Integrated DMS,
  • More economical R&D processes,
  • Automatic smart shift report creation,
  • Best quality,
  • Increase in efficiency,
  • Increase in production output,
  • Tool management.

Follow a methodical approach with your manufacturing management and innovation spending. Experience resource sharing and planning supports with delivery schedules, costs, and predictive maintenance cycles. Xintrix empowers aerospace and defense companies with unique value innovation capabilities. Experience unparalleled visibility that leads to unique value innovation capabilities.