German Automotive Standards

The global Automotive industry is cost sensitive, fast moving and subject to permanent development. Increased complexity, shorter technology cycles, and increased pressure to coordinate global supply networks, affect profitability. Everyday needs and demands of customers, suppliers, investors, regulators, non-governmental organizations and the public are growing.         

The German automotive industry is synonymous to quality and efficiency. As a German origin company, xintrix is familiar with the powerful processes and clear structures of German automotive companies. Our solutions are based on improvements through unlimited process transparency, not just on cost cuts. Xintrix maximizes your automotive company´s efficiency, competitiveness and productivity, by reducing your direct and indirect cost.

Below are some of the many cases we supported Automotive companies.

  • Quality control reaching zero ppm,
  • Production increase by monitoring and controlling in real-time,
  • Real-time line site management inventory,
  • Overall traceability,
  • Real cost monitoring and cost reduction,
  • Smart route cause analysis,
  • Resource coordination and order planning,
  • Output planning and simulation,
  • Energy reduction and efficiency increase.

Experience German quality and efficiency through interoperability and real-time information.