Industry 4.0 from a ¨modern¨ perspective


Industry 4.0 - the next industrial revolution or only a mayor buzz? I spent almost 20 years of my professional life developing Industry 4.0 solutions; global traceability systems in automotive and pharmaceutical industry, solutions for smart operations and many more. I was fascinated from the first moment and this fascination still keeps me going.

For the first 15 years only a few companies recognized the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies. The majority of companies comprehend the power of those smart technologies but were in a dilemma. Questioning everything in order to be part of this revolution or as many call, evolution, does come with the need to dig deep.

Many companies consider classical IT (ERP) systems as the main platform for their Industry 4.0 operational backbone. This can be explained by the „lock in phenomena“. It is the reason behind why so many companies are facing multiple challenges transforming into the Industry 4.0 world and leads to:

  • Mayor investments,
  • Very complicated projects,
  • Long project times,
  • Limited system expectation.

Being involved in many ERP projects for some of the biggest players in the market, demonstrated customers how challenging those projects are, mainly for the above reasons of long time, high investment, complications and limited system expectations. In particular the later expectations were reduced to realizing an acceptable working system rather than a speedy materialization of the promised ROI.

However, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Using classical solutions to new challenges does not work, even if you adapt them. They lack flexibility, interoperability, transparency at their core. This is the major Industry 4.0 buzz.

During the last years more and more companies are following a different and more efficient approach. Reducing the complexity of their IT infrastructure, and use ERP systems where their strengths are. For example, administrative tasks.

So what else is there? You have to be willing to look deep and wide. And I did that.

I am now offering my clients more complete solutions for their operational challenges and Industry 4.0 transformation. Those solutions empower them with optimal transparency, highest quality data, Best-in-Class interoperability and simplicity of implementation, connectivity, operation & maintenance.

And all this value innovation, comes with lower investment, faster ROI and reduced project times. Those solutions exist but you have to be willing to get out of the ¨lock in phenomena¨.