Chemical Industry & the New Industrial Revolution

The chemical Industry is sensitive to technological transformations. This industry´s growth is driven by emerging economies. Innovation towards new solutions to particular problems will be the key to the future Chemical industry players.

New manufacturing technologies will lead to new growth opportunities. Xintrix supports Chemical companies harness the potential of digital technologies and capitalize on the next wave of value creation. We do this by optimizing your:

  • Process monitoring,
  • Compliance conform production,
  • Machine monitoring and maintenance,
  • Energy reduction and efficiency increase,
  • Incident escalation procedure,
  • Resource planning and coordination,
  • Quality assurance and monitoring of suppliers,
  • Interactive supply chain management,
  • Batch traceability,
  • Developing R&D processes & new technologies incorporation,
  • Access control,
  • Spare parts management and documentation.

Do not be left behind in the new industrial revolution. Combine our smart software solutions and support services and allow smart factory capabilities bring you to the next level of performance and gains. Be ready in advance for the things to come.