Smart Manufacturing, Electronics & Semiconductors

The Electronics and Semiconductors industry and its manufacturing are facing a number of challenges.

Some of those are:                

  • Shrinking operating margins through global competition, higher innovation capacities and more efficient processes by competitors,
  • Increasing international standards, compliance regulations due to complex global supply chains,
  • Higher traceability requirements,
  • Supplier quality, service and warranty management,
  • Shorter product lifecycles,
  • Demand uncertainties and shorter reaction times which can cause fluctuation in production,
  • Sustainability and changing environmental demands.

Xintrix offers software solutions that are interoperable, intuitive and in real-time. This allows total transparency across processes and supply chains. Our client´s experience:

  • Real-time production monitoring,
  • Production flow control,
  • Monitoring of all environmental conditions,
  • Line site management inventory,
  • Batch traceability,
  • Clean room monitoring,
  • Horizontal and Vertical process integration,
  • Resource planning and monitoring,
  • Energy reduction and efficiency increase,
  • Access control.

Experience an increase in your operating margins and take your compliance, quality, and efficiency to the next level.