Glass & Ceramics

Glass and Ceramics with Optimal Process Control

Glass and Ceramics companies have unique specification and manufacturing processes, which require cutting edge manufacturing and environmental management systems. The key is to increase the production, realizing faster, more flexible and more precise processes.

Xintrix enables advanced manufacturing of glass and ceramics by empowering production of components with defined mechanical and thermal properties. Using our Industry 4.0 proven technology and our added value services you are empowered with less prototype construction, fewer dies and less post processing.                   

Xintrix has empowered companies in this industry with:

  • Production and flexibility increase,
  • Process monitoring,
  • Real-time line site management inventory,
  • Developing economical R&D processes & new technologies incorporation,
  • People accessibility,
  • Various types of operation simulations,
  • Energy reduction, efficiency increase, and recycling,
  • Traceability,
  • Clean room monitoring.

Achieve total transparency with interoperable real-time data and lead your company to total control of processes.