Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals in the Smart Factory world

Aging populations, emerging market expansions and advances in treatments and technologies will lead to a growth in the global medical technology market in the next few years. Companies aiming to take advantage of all the upcoming digital age opportunities and must adapt before it is too late. This means improving performance, increasing transparency, while reducing costs and waste. In other words, successfully move into the Industry 4.0 world.

Xintrix supports Healthcare & Pharmaceutical companies transit successfully and efficiently into the industry 4.0 world. Our smart software´s real-time data and interoperable capabilities support you with the ¨next wave¨ of scientific and marketplace developments. Such an optimal data quality leads to innovation and increased value, for both your end users and shareholders.

Xintrix is empowering companies in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals for many decades with:

  • Compliance regulations and procedures,
  • Batch traceability and process transparency,
  • Intellectual property, security and privacy protection,
  • Clean room monitoring,
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions,
  • Horizontal and vertical integration,
  • Productivity increase and production flow control,
  • Resource planning and monitoring,
  • Third party collaboration,
  • Increase communication capabilities both internal and external,
  • Interactive supply chain management,
  • Developing R&D processes & new technologies incorporation,
  • Energy reduction and efficiency increase,
  • Access control,
  • Multiple batch and continues flow production.

Experience German quality, standards, and efficiency through holistic interoperability and real-time information.