Our Story

Our Story of Being Different

Xintrix was created to make a difference. Our focus as a consulting and software provider was to be different from day one. Our flexible packages resulted from listening to our customers. By focusing on their specific needs, operations, schedules and requirements as demands evolve, so do we.

For the last four decades we empower our customers with:

  • Evaluation of current operational status and identification of key areas of opportunities,
  • Development of high levels of competitiveness, efficiency and ¨Best in Class¨ performance,
  • Alternative growth possibilities exploration,
  • New Business processes and model creation,
  • New markets entry and new products development,
  • Streamlining of operations,
  • Improve quality and traceability,
  • Cost, energy, emissions and waste reductions,
  • High operational transparency, interoperability and Joint Operational Center (JOC) capabilities,
  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Deal with challenges, overcome critical situations, and experience the new level in support, enterprise IT systems and augmented services. 

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