Xintrix Smart Process Solutions

Industry 4.0 Smart Process Solutions

Xintrix utilizes a new category of agile, German made solutions, known as Enterprise Management Solution (EMS). By combining the best of ERP and MES capabilities, xintrix technological solutions define Industry 4.0 standards, values and drivers and aligns those with your management, organization and processes, depending the level of values you want to create.

As a spin off one of Germany´s top research universities, our system started life as a process solution for polymers, after years it became a MES system, eventually for the last 15 years, an Industry 4.0 enabler. As our clients demands change and increase, so does our system.

With a client and simplicity focus, using real-time data, our system empowers you with information, which creates value innovation and Industry 4.0 capabilities. A no user license fee model lifts communications and information sharing restrictions.

Some capabilities of our smart process solution are:

  • Intuitive
    Developed with your people, as the end users in mind. Using intuitive structures and interfaces, it enables quick independence of operators. Minimum training and support is required, reducing HR costs and challenges. Windows like interfaces create easy training and transition. No additional staff required managing our system.
  • Interoperable
    Xintrix smart solution can be connected with almost every machines, assembly lines, team, department, location, business processes, client, supplier, etc., at any language.
  • Instantaneous
    Access in real-time data, from any location, displayed in any smart device, anywhere in the world, allowing total vertical and horizontal transparency. This real-time interaction and access to live information, bridges network blackouts.
  • Flexible
    A quick installation at a fraction of the time of competitors, no operational disturbances and no user license fees. Possible customization includes software access, interfaces, layouts, reports, simulations and many more. Xintrix solution can be adapted by configuration instead of programming.

Xintrix smart system can be used as a:

  • Stand-alone solution, as our system has more capabilities than a MES system and many of an ERP.
  • As part of an existing network of ERP, MES or company own IT systems. Our solution interconnects these in one platform, giving you immediate added value, through harmonization of your complete IT infrastructure.

 You have the choice of three different standard software packages or an individual customized package. Those are based on your budget and specific needs.

Standard Packages

  • System Pilot

Test our solution

Experience how everything will be under real conditions before you make a long-term decision. Our pilot implementation takes only a few weeks and it creates added value from day one.

  • Specific Modules

Target specific needs

Direct solutions, to specific problems, for companies who have very particular issues. A step by step approach.

  • Complete Packages

Industry 4.0 full transition

Aimed for transition into the next level of performance and productivity. Focusing on more than one specific need, this package suits companies who are looking for complete solutions. 


  • Individual Customized Package

Flexible quick value Industry 4.0 optimization

Based on our standard packages, we are able to deliver unified solutions which are focused to your specific requirements. These packages will be adapted to your exact processes.

For more information on how our solution operates, please visit the Production, Business Services & Additional Services part of our website.