System Pilot

System Pilot & Smart Manufacturing

Buying a system without testing it can lead to wrong and costly strategic decisions, which have long term negative implications.

Most software companies do not offer a pilot of their system. The ones that do, require months for installation and adaptation. Moreover, they affect operations during the installation period, leading to very inaccurate results and added costs.

Possible issues with system pilots can be:

  • Added costs, often unexpected,
  • Additional work load for your IT department,
  • High adaption costs,
  • High maintenance costs,
  • Inadequate adaptability and user-friendliness of system,
  • Limited functionalities and interconnectivity,
  • Long installation times,
  • Long time delays due to unforeseen interoperability issues with existing IT solutions,
  • Low performance,
  • Restrained flexibility and much more.

Our solution has a short implementation period, giving you the option to test it in predefined issues you have and feel the results from day one. Being installed without disturbing the operations of your company, our IT system allows you to see directly the benefits on your specific needs. Your pilot package can be the start of additional solutions. As a real, complete system, it has usage, time and machine limitations.

Make smart, safe and accurate strategic decision. Use complete features, under real conditions, with no operational impact and quick installation times. Support your decision and test our solution adjusting our pilot, to solve your first challenges.