Technical Services

Technical Services in Industry 4.0

Most classical IT companies offer generalized remote, on-site and user help desks services. This standardization, being not individualized customer focused leads to reduced added value for customer.

Xintrix offers freedom when it comes to technical services. We are aware that every company has different needs. Although a percentage of our services are fixed, we:

  • Partner with you to specify your response times, accessibility, hotline costs, etc. and define services that you regularly use,
  • You have the choice of yearly updates or not,
  • Our no user license mentality adds on top value to your operations and to the overall transparency,
  • Prior to installation, we test your solution both in Germany and at the local level, making sure that you receive what you have asked.
  • Finally, we support you with training your people, empowering your IT department with the system management.

Focus on what adds value to your operations.Partner with xintrix and evolve into the digital age, experiencing the Industry 4.0 evolution / revolution. Augmented services and technical support that result in growth, quick ROI and a successful transition into the Industry 4.0 world.