Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops in Industry 4.0

Most classical IT systems create limited value to companies due to inefficiencies, errors, and frustrations. Additional training and support comes with high costs and long-term needs and delays.

Xintrix smart solutions have self-explanatory functions and a simple design, which allows intuitive use, with limited guidance. Our customized training and workshops increases the user-friendliness of our system. By adjusting to your needs, we help you operate your software solution, which is designed for your, in the most efficient way. User experience in our operational systems results in employees being happier and more productive. Cost of training, time and staff turnover are reduced significantly raising operational speed.

Provide your teams with Industry 4.0 support and empower them with smart tools that require days to train on, and supports the development of new business opportunities. Avoid costs for standard training and invest in added value, through customized training & workshops, adapted to your specific processes and individual needs. Experience digital empowerment and make your trainings more efficient.