Industry 4.0 Consulting

Optimal Industry 4.0 Consulting

The new industrial revolution brings four big disruptions.

  1. The rise of data volumes, known as Big – Data,
  2. Computational power and connectivity increases,
  3. Analytics and business-intelligence of Big-Data and
  4. New forms of human-machine interactions and a transfer of digital instructions to the physical world.

Those disruptions require alternative styles of consulting. More and more companies becoming "experts" in industry 4.0 as the market grows. Finding the right partner can be a challenge.

Xintrix has decades of experience in modernizing factories, optimizing processes and increasing efficiencies, around the world. We adapt to your unique needs and requirements and make recommendations based on ¨Industry 4.0 Best Practices¨. Our support includes Management, Process and Technology in the areas of:

  • Activity Based Costing,
  • Automated Transport Management,
  • Change Management,
  • Customer Value Assessment,
  • Energy Management & Emission Control,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Innovation,
  • Labor & Training,
  • Lineside Management Inventory,
  • Machine Utilization,
  • Production,
  • Process Consulting,
  • Quality Assurance,
  • Resources Management
  • Smart Planning,
  • Industry 4.0 Strategy implementation,
  • Supply Chain,
  • Sustainability,
  • Warehouse Management and many more.

By adapting to your unique needs and requirements, we make the right recommendations for you, based on ¨Best Practices¨.

Some of our Industry 4.0 consulting services are:

  • Customer Value Assessment – What do your customers value most?
  • Strategy – How to become a smart factory?
  • Change Management – Human support in meeting Industry 4.0 objectives,
  • Process Consulting – Creation of process concepts.

We support you with new ways of thinking and actions that lead to an interactive leadership style, allowing new possibilities, strategies, innovation and problem-solving capabilities. In certain regions we use our expertise to guide you with local and federal government institutions, resulting in additional company benefits. Let xintrix demonstrate you alternative ways of support. Choose your specific needs and allow us to support you with what gives you maximum value, measuring benefits from the beginning of our relationship.