Industry 4.0 Transition Support

Maximum Efficiency Industry 4.0 Transition

Educating your people on how Industry 4.0 adds value is a challenge, because people do not like changes. Industry 4.0 transition affect employees, customers, suppliers, assets, and your management. The key is to help everyone understand the benefits of new, innovative and improved business processes. How those will help their lives long term, changing their workload and opening up new career growth possibilities. It requires a different type of expertise.

Our experience, with governmental organizations and private corporations in Germany and around the world, has resulted in xintrix becoming an expert in Industry 4.0. The focus point for us are humans. They are of outmost importance when realizing a sustainable transformation.

Xintrix focuses on mindset and paradigm change and the conceptual awareness of your team, in optimizing your processes, at every level in your company. To make your story a success we have created the following packages:

  • Initial Workshops - What is Industry 4.0, the paradigm change.
  • Cultural Readiness Surveys – Does your culture fit to Industry 4.0?
  • Industry 4.0 Assessment – What are your transformational capabilities?

Be supported in thinking and acting different, towards your transition into the smart factory of the future. Experience transition support that focuses on added value and a successful Industry 4.0 transformation.