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  • What is the purpose of Industry 4.0 transition support?
    Industry 4.0 is not reduced on hardware and software, it also involves mindset/cultural changes, design of new processes and smart real-time data management. The new industrial revolution affects employees, customers, suppliers, environment and management. Xintrix provided added value support in all these areas, considering all success factors.
    For more information, please see Consulting & Transitions Support, Why Industry 4.0.
  • Why Industry 4.0 consulting?
    Industry 4.0 requires more added value from your service partners. By focusing on people and processes, xintrix helps you realize optimal Industry 4.0 solutions. With decades of experience, we fully adapt to your unique needs and requirements, making the right recommendations for you.
    For more information, please see Industry 4.0 Consulting & Transition Support.

  • How broad is the horizontal and vertical Integration?
    Our solutions are capable to be embedded into your existing IT infrastructure. This empowers you with integration into three dimensions.
    • Horizontal: Across your entire value creation network
    • Vertical and networked manufacturing: Products, equipment, humans and different operational levels and
    • End-to-End: Engineering across the entire product lifecycle.
      For more information, please check Interconnectivity.
  • What is the interoperability and synchronization capabilities of your system with other systems?
    Our solutions are fully interoperable with existing IT. Xintrix system can be synchronized with company own IT, ERP or MES systems. All information from different sources are combined to give you all embracing operational transparency, delivering your requested standards.
    Please check the link for more information Smart Technology, Why Xintrix Smart Solutions, Xintrix Smart Software.
  • How can your system help me understand plant performance across multiple metrics?
    Xintrix software solution belongs to the new generation of Enterprise Management Solutions (EMS), as it combines best ERP and MES capabilities. Xintrix system can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of an existing network of ERP, MES or company owned IT systems. Being interoperable with almost every machine, assembly line, team, locations, business process etc. our solution gives you immediate added value through harmonization of your complete IT infrastructure.
    For more information, please see Smart Technology, Why Xintrix Smart Solutions, Xintrix Smart Software.
  • How do you perform forecasting on demand & production transparency using our solution?
    Using our smart software solution´s interoperable capabilities, we empower you with optimal production transparency. Our ¨Best-in-Class¨ planning allows prediction of production future and foreseeing of all bottlenecks, before those happen.
    To see how you can move from reactive to responsive production planning, please see Production Planning, Facility Management & Smart Situational Awareness.
  • What about suppliers/customer relationships management support?
    Xintrix considers sufficient aspects / parameters for vertical integration with customers, suppliers and authorities. This is due to the added adaptability and flexibility of our solutions.
    For more information, please see Partner Integration.
  • Will oursmart software solution lead to your working capital reductions?
    Yes. By streamlining your whole production flow, bottlenecks are eliminated, maximizing your throughput time. Our smart software solutions will lead into many reductions and increases, creating value innovation, eventually minimizing working capital.
    For more information, please see Value innovation, Value proposition, Xintrix & Industry 4.0.
  • How can I see real-time data across operations using xintrixsmart software solution?
    The quality difference between real-time data and real data, portrays your quality of data and the reflection of reality. This difference in quality is huge. Real-time data adds value as you listen to you company talking to you, rather than translate what your operations and your numbers say to you.
    For more information, see Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Real-Time Vs Real Vs Manual Data.
  • What is the installation process of your solution?
    Very fast and efficient, at a fraction of the time required by classical solutions. We are able to offer unified solutions, which are focused on your specific requirements and adapted to your exact processes. Our standardized connectivity empowers a fast installation time, with value added from day one.
    For more information, see Xintrix Smart Process Solutions.
  • How can your solution help me Improve lead times and inventory levels?
    Xintrix support comprehensive transparency and interoperability, in real-time. This can be targeted and predictive, eliminating material bottlenecks and shortages, allowing you to manage your complete material flow, in real time.
    For more information, please see Material Management &Traceability.
  • Can your solution support our operations with reporting and regulations?
    Of course. We offer different types of services based on your specific needs, providing a high level of support, in different areas, including reporting and regulations.
    For more information, please see Smart Data Analysis & Reporting & Compliance.
  • How can I improve my quality using your solution?
    Industry 4.0 is a paradigm shift made possible by technological advances, like our smart software solution. Increase efficiency, flexibility and interoperability, leading to precise functionalities in production and improved quality of your products.
    For more information, see Quality Assurance.

  • How do our service differfrom classical services?
    Our services are connected with smart software solutions. Having the option of a one stop shop solution you become independent of non-Industry 4.0 compliant software solutions. Using real-time (instant data feeds), our solution makes sure that your people are always aware what is going on, as it happens.
    For more information on how our services differ from other solutions please see: Xintrix smart process solutions & Augmented services.
  • What is augmented services and why use those instead of classical services?
    According to the oxford dictionary, Augment means ¨Make (something) greater by adding to it¨. At xintrixwe make your requirements our direct targetby helping you increase the value you receive from your services, realizing a paradigm swift of Industry 4.0 within those. An example derives from the use of a one stop shop solution, making you independent of additional software solutions, empowering you with direct value and higher levels of independence.
    For more information on why augmented services is a must with Industry 4.0 please see: Augmented services, Xintrix difference & Value innovation.