Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Opportunities

Industry 4.0 manufacturing goes beyond the production of the physical object. Smart, connected products create new production requirements and opportunities. Those shift final assembly to the customer site, where the last step will be loading and configuring the software. Be empowered with:

  • Smart Factories - Machines are linked together in a system. Those new capabilities of smart, connected machines are already reshaping the operations of manufacturing plants. A production machine will detect a potentially dangerous malfunction, shut down other equipment that could be damaged and direct maintenance staff to the problem.
  • Simplified Components - A “glass cockpits,” in which a single screen displays numerous configurable gauges are used. Physical complexity of products will diminish, as functionality will move from mechanical parts to software. This shift will eliminate physical components, along with the production steps needed to build and assemble them. The numbers of sensors and software will rise, introducing new parts and complexities.
  • Reconfigured Assembly Processes - Product design changes in smart manufacturing will be incorporated at the last minute, even after the product leaves the factory, by a field service technician or even by the customer. New apps will be added or touchscreen are set up for different languages.

Bellow there are some examples on how xintrix can support you with Product Capabilities and Product Development.

Product Capabilities

The new industrial revolution will bring added benefits when it comes to optimizing your Product Capabilities. Xintrix supports you with:

  • Product Monitoring - Products will monitor and report their own condition and environment, helping to generate previously unavailable insights into their performance and use.
  • Users Control - Complex product operations will be controlled by the users, through numerous remote-access options. This will give users the unprecedented ability to customize the function, performance and interface of products and to operate them in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments.
  • Optimization - The combination of monitoring data and remote-control capability will create new opportunities for optimization. Algorithms will substantially improve product performance, utilization, and uptime. It will show how products work with other related products, in broader systems, such as smart buildings and smart farms.
  • Data Analytics - Opportunity and New Value Creation. The ability to unlock the full value of data will become a key source of competitive advantage. The management, governance, analysis, and security of this data is already developing to a major new business function.
  • Autonomy - The combination of monitoring data, remote control and optimization algorithms will allow autonomy. Products will learn, adapt to the environment and to user preferences, service themselves and operate on their own.

Product Development

Smart, connected products will require a fundamental rethinking of design. Product development will shift from largely mechanical engineering to interdisciplinary systems engineering. Xintrix empowers you with:

  • Low-Cost Variability - Meeting customer needs for variability through software, not hardware, will be a critical new design discipline. Variability will be needed not only across customer segments but also across conventional products. Variability is costly, as it requires variation in physical parts. Using smart, flexible, Industry 4.0 software solutions connected products will make variability cheaper. Solutions like what we offer will make it easier to localize products for different countries and languages, as well as regulations.
  • Evergreen Design - In the old model, products were designed in discrete generations. Smart, connected products, will be continually upgraded via software, often remotely. Products will be fine-tuned to meet new customer requirements or solve performance issues and will incorporate a full set of desired improvements.
  • New User Interfaces & Augmented Reality - The digital user interface of a smart, connected product will be put into a tablet or smartphone application. This will enable remote operation and will eliminate the need for controls in the product itself. Less costly to implement, easier to modify it will enable great operator mobility.
  • Maximization of Support & Services - Powerful digital interfaces like tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches, will contain monitoring, operating and service information.
  • Ongoing Quality Management - Our solutions will allow companies to identify and address design problems that testing failed to expose. Smart, connected products will take quality management to the next level, by enabling continuous monitoring of real-world performance data.
  • Connected Service - Flexible Industry 4.0 software and their diagnostic features will monitor product health and performance, by warning service personnel of failures. Increased functionality will mean that products will be designed to allow more remote service support. Product designs will incorporate additional instrumentation and data collection capabilities.
  • Support For New Business Models - Smart, connected products will let companies switch from transactional selling to product-as-a-service models.
  • System Interoperability - Design optimization will multiply as products will become components of broader systems. Through co-design, companies will simultaneously develop and enhance hardware and software across a family of products, including those of other companies.

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