Marketing & Sales Added Value

Marketing & Sales Added Value in industry 4.0

The ability to remain connected to the product and track how it’s being used will shift the focus of a company’s customer relationship from selling, often a predominantly one-time transaction, to maximizing the customer’s value from the product, over time. This opens up important new requirements and opportunities for marketing and sales.

Many companies will need support with those opportunities, as sales and marketing teams will require a broader knowledge to position their offerings, as components of larger smart, connected systems. Those systems will need to be flexible, agile and interoperable. There are two ways we can support marketing and sales.

1. New ways to segment and customize

The data from smart, connected products and processes will provide a much sharper picture of product use, showing, for example, which features customers prefer or fail to use. By comparing usage patterns, you will be able to do much finer customer segmentation—by industry, geography, organizational unit, and even more granular attributes. Your marketers will be able to apply this deeper knowledge to tailor special offers or after-sale service packages, creating features for certain segments, and developing more sophisticated pricing strategies that better match price and value, at the segment or even the individual customer level.

2. New customer relationships

As the focus shifts to providing continual value to the customer, the product will become a means of delivering that value, rather than the end itself. Because as a manufacturer you can remain connected to your customers via your products, you will have a new basis for direct and ongoing dialogue with them. You will begin to see the product as a window into the needs and satisfaction of your customers, rather than relying on customers to learn about product needs and performance.

Experience the new way of performing your marketing and sales operations. Allow interoperable data to open up opportunities of optimizing your products and your relationships with your customers. Increase communication between all levels within and outside your organization and experience first-hand the added value created.