New Business Opportunities

New Business Opportunities in Industry 4.0

Nowadays machines are self-contained in manufacturing. ERP planning and processing is not directly linked to automatically generated machine data. Smart manufacturing means all processes, including sales, production planning, production control, material planning, and service, are automated and linked to each other as well as to the customer and suppliers. Smart, connected products allow you to explore and reduce key bottlenecks, that affect overall performance and productivity, thus improving material flow. As products become components of larger systems, your value proposition broadens. Product quality and features are supplemented by interoperability with related products. Opportunities will unveil at product level, offering new family or closely linked products or creating new platforms that cut across related products.

With xintrix everyone benefits from the high amount of transparency and real-time information. Manufacturers optimize and change processes with ease. Entirely new business opportunities are created due to optimal horizontal and vertical transparency. We empower you to focus on systems, not discrete products and open up possibilities to move from only selling products to selling products & services. Smart support services can include preventive maintenance, remote monitoring and benchmarking against a network of plants or lines, to understand best practices. Performance-based service contracts can include guaranteed uptime. You will be able to share risks and rewards with your customers, through payments, based on the performance of the equipment and the output of your company.

Eliminate waste, automate and simplify processes and production. Increase utilization, which results in large savings. Xintrix augmented services are there to support you all the way, helping you focus on fast wins and quick ROI. Lead your company to new business opportunities, thus achieving an edge over your competitors.