Real-Time Vs Real Vs Manual Data

Real-Time Vs Real Vs Manual Data Quality

There is a need to clarify data quality amongst many companies. What is the best data quality necessary for Industry 4.0? Marketing techniques by many IT companies do not help, as they confuse further.

The quality between real-time, and real data, is massive, as it portrays the quality of data and the reflection of reality. You must avoid ¨rubbish in, rubbish out¨. At xintrix, our solution uses real-time data.

This is very critical with data. We have bellow from the technological aspect, some explanations for different types of data.

  • Real-time data can only refer to one thing. Data that is presented, as it is happening. This data is not kept or stored but is passed along to the end user as quickly as it is gathered. It is information that is delivered immediately after collection. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided. Instant reporting.
  • Real data is an approximation of real time numbers or compressing a depiction or delaying a report or action. In a sense, these are historical data. Those include delays in the timeline of the information provided.
  • Manual data is the most frequently data used by most IT system. Those data are generated by humans by manual input.

Achieve best possible quality of data that empower you and your people to move to the next level of profitability, efficiency, control, and performance. Experience data that add value. Listen to your company talking to you now, rather than trying to translate what your operations and numbers say to you.