IT Security in Industry 4.0 taken to the Next Level

Ensuring IT security will cut across all functions. Customers with extraordinary security needs, such as military and defense organizations, may demand special services. New risk-mitigation techniques will emerge. Strong collaboration among R&D, IT and data smart organization will be essential.

Security is enhanced by giving customers or users the ability to control when data are transmitted, to whom they should be transmitted and what type of data they receive. From our experience IT will be responsible for securing product data, defining user access, the rights protocols in identifying and complying with regulations. IT will take the lead on reducing vulnerabilities in the physical product. In the world of Industry 4.0 IT departments in companies potentially could change functions and adapt to more important role. IT and product development can then be jointly responsible for maintaining and protecting smart interconnected products. The organizational model for managing security will vary depending on your needs.

Develop knowledge and best practices for security in a smart, interconnected world. Address your customers’ privacy concerns, reflecting data policies of ever stricter government and global regulations and transparency needs. Define the type of data collected and how it will be used internally and by third parties.