Services in Industry 4.0

Services & Smart Manufacturing

Lessons from the software industry, as well 40 years of experience around the world have shown us that companies crave for different services that add more value, while requiring less time investment. However, most companies are not aware that those kinds of services exist.

In xintrix we believe in simplifying your complexities. Below are some examples of service changes and opportunities we help you to develop.

  • One-stop Service. Using our smart IT solution your technicians will diagnose problems remotely. Technicians will have parts available when they arrive at the customer site. Moreover, they will have supporting information for executing the repairs. Only one visit will be necessary, and efficiency rates will rise.
  • Remote Service. Smart, connected products will make delivering service via connectivity increasingly feasible. In many cases, products will be repaired via remote. Service technicians will access just as much information about a machine when they are off-site as when they are on-site. As a result, service costs, equipment downtime, and your customer satisfaction will be improved dramatically.
  • Preventive Service. Using predictive analytics, your company will anticipate problems in smart, connected products and take action. The vast amounts of data that smart, connected products gather are creating new ways for service personnel to cooperate with colleagues and work with customers together. One emerging approach utilizes the augmented reality overlays we described earlier. When these include information about a product’s service needs and step-by-step repair instructions, service efficiency and effectiveness will increase dramatically.
  • Low Tech Services. Even low-tech services will incorporate smart, connected devices. A cleaning company will place sensors in washroom doors or meeting rooms in order to focus on just the spaces that need cleaning. A parking garage will install sensors in individual parking spaces. A smartphone app will guide drivers to open spaces, reducing congestion and improving space utilization. The app will enable ticketless, barrier-free payment, while allowing dynamic pricing that reflects minute-by-minute demand patterns. This demand approach is already happening with many companies.
  • New Services.  The data, connectivity and analytics available through smart, connected products are expanding the traditional role of the service function and creating new offerings. The service organization will become a major source of business innovation in manufacturing, driving increased revenue and profit through new value-added services such as extended warranties and comparative benchmarking across a customer’s equipment, fleet, or industry. Entirely new services will be created. The range of potential new services enabled by smart, connected products is limited only by the imagination.

Take advantage of the added value opportunities with services and partner with xintrix. Experience next generation augmented services first hand yourself.