Supply Chain & Industry 4.0

Supply Chain past RFID, Tags, Codes, etc.

The potential applications of Industry 4.0 technology across any industry or sector are vast. As technology and standards evolve, Industry 4.0 presents a real opportunity towards enhancing competitive advantage through linking sensors, actuators, systems, embedded intelligence, advanced analytics and people. Logistics and tracking will move to an entirely new level of continued performed tracking, wherever the products are, without the need for scanners.

This will provide rich information on not only the current location of the products but also location history, condition (temperature, exposure to stresses, surrounding environment, etc.). Management of large, far-flung fleets of vehicles will be transformed by the ability to remotely monitor each vehicle’s position and function, check its local traffic and weather conditions and provide drivers with an optimized delivery schedule, taking real-time data into account.

Xintrix smart solutions enhances your Supply Chain capabilities, by optimizing your traceability and transparency. Our flexible and agile software solutions and technologies is allow Industry 4.0 creation of broad frameworks. Within those networks, rapid evolution of increasingly complex environment is be visualized and implemented. Xintrix IT solutions allow:

  • Empowerment of integration of all relevant information, in any value chain,
  • Understanding of interdependencies amongst those pieces of information instantaneously and
  • Leverage of advanced analytics, to arrive at more optimized decisions.

An Industry 4.0 enabled supply chain will be visualized as an intelligent interconnected network. It will bind together multiple tiers of suppliers, contract manufacturers, service providers, distributors and customers, physically located across different regions of the world. Information created, processed and interpreted by distributed smart objects and software systems like the ones we are working with, will create an intelligent network. This will eliminate visibility gaps and injects enormous flexibility into your network. Supply chain management in such a network would evolve from:

  • Decision support with simulation
  • Modeling and predictive capabilities with cost optimization,
  • Service level and

  • Real-time Quality.

Automated Adjustments

Software solutions and smart objects with embedded intelligence will adjust automatically to complex situations, while managers will focus on optimizing global capabilities through orchestration of the supply chain. Business processes in supply chains that are currently based on static data analysis and data structures will need to evolve, so that they can adjust in real-time, in pursuit of new value creation. Our Industry 4.0 enhancement capabilities solution allows continuously monitoring in real-time. It allows you to respond instantly, under guidance of our autonomous system. Xintrix Industry 4.0 solution empowers you with an intelligent network that creates significant opportunities for cross-enterprise process optimization and innovation. In turn, it concurrently drives cost containment, as well as improve your time to market.

Supply Chain Organization Structure

Decision-making capability of smart factories with interconnected machines in an Industry 4.0 supply chain will have an impact on the supply chain organizational structure. Conventional supply chain tasks in planning, procurement, supplier management and logistics would be better addressed by intelligent data-driven systems in a collaborative cross-enterprise environment. Skill sets for your supply chain professionals will need to go through a transformation, and their primary role would focus on designing inter-enterprise collaboration, network and capability optimization, risk and disruption management and supply chain orchestration, in order to create differentiation and competitive advantages. This will offer alternative business model opportunities and company capabilities.

Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Benefits

Xintrix enables you to track products (raw material or finished), associated attributes and geographical data, using Industry 4.0 technologies through the entire product lifecycle journey from a tier 1 supplier, to the end customers. Our solution positively impacts your sourcing it will impact sourcing strategies, inventory management, and logistics costs. The inability of a supplier to deliver on time could lead the connected intelligent system to launch an automatic search for the product in the distributed raw material inventory pool. It could also result in a procurement trigger to an alternate supplier. This would ensure that there is no negative impact on production schedules, revenue streams and customer service. Consider another example where production constraints at a proprietary product supplier delay raw material delivery by 2 days. Our smart software system would sense the impending delay and readjust the material delivery dates for other suppliers. In turn, these suppliers would be able to route this material to other customers, thus optimizing working capital and revenue stream for the network. The production sites would receive automatic guidance related to delay in raw material delivery and would be able to optimize the machine and production schedules. Fixed asset and raw material utilization would thus improve as asset availability and asset demand would get matched.

Supply Network Risk Management Benefits

Supply network risk management would improve, as supply status would be monitored continuously and constraints would be addressed in real time. Xintrix interoperable solution allows you to sense finished product demands through embedded intelligent objects, optimizing your systems. You are able to match available finished inventory, distributed across warehouses, and reassign this inventory to the sales channels that have immediate demands. When no inventory is available our smart solution checks manufacturing capacity and raw material availability and sends automatically a production trigger to the relevant site. Continuous matching of demand against availability positively impacts your revenues, profitability and customer service, while simultaneously optimizes your finished inventory.

Spare Part & Maintenance Benefits

Experience the next level of supply chain management created by xintrix for you. Enhance your maintenance and spare parts supply chain. Real-time monitoring of equipment at the customer site will derive additional predictive maintenance techniques, leading you to minimization of equipment downtime.