Big Data & Augmented Services

Information is Power

In Industry 4.0 huge amounts of information and their management leads to process optimization and efficiency maximization. Big Data, as those are known and its analytics will enable a fundamental shift from reactive to proactive and eventually preventive management.

For products, such as industrial equipment, after-sale services represent a significant revenue and profit. For those service activities, our solution provides you with information which help you identify the reasons for a failure and the parts needed to perform repairs.

While the effects of smart, connected products begin in manufacturing, those apply to service industries as well. Many service industries, including automotive, airlines, maritime, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, etc., rely on Big Data.

In the following examples you can see the added value that Big Data brings to companies:

  • In Transportation Industry: An airline or a logistic provider using smart solutions and agile software systems monitors in real time their fleet of planes or ships. Baggage compartments and containers operate with far greater efficiency. Maintenance issues are identified while traveling. The needed parts and expertise are already in the location needed, before the plane or ship arrives, saving time, money and increasing profits.
  • In Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: The utilization of expensive equipment, space, and clinical staff when using Big Data, is substantially improved. Better care and patient experiences is created. Smart medical devices (like smart life or environment monitoring devices) allow clinicians to track patients, procedures, regulations, paperwork remotely and make more informed decision followed by timely actions. The opportunities for such monitoring and for integrating disparate real-time data to gain new insights and inform lifestyle improvements, are game changing.

Real-time information empowerment with a click of a mouse. Experience first-hand the shift from reactive to proactive and eventually preventive management. Empower your people with tools that will allow them to improve services and efficiency. Listen and understand what is your company telling you and bring your operations to the next level of performance.