Paradigm Change

Industry 4.0 Paradigm Change - Standardization

Industry 4.0 is the organization of production processes, based on technology and devices, autonomously communicating with each other along the value chain.

It brings opportunities but also challenges. It requires a paradigm change, a new mindset, a smart way of thinking and therefore different skills.

In Industry 4.0 software solutions manage physical processes. Those agile solutions create virtual copies of the physical world, empowering you with making the right decision. This requires a standardization of multiple dimensions. Technological, social and business paradigm changes have to be made. Xintrix supports you with process solutions and augmented services, which fully empower you to take advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0.

The attached table demonstrated the value creation and capture this paradigm change will bring.

Feel supported in your process of achieving next level performance, efficiency and profitability. Enter the Industry 4.0 world and use this paradigm change to act as a catalyst to success and growth, helping you achieve your future goals. Prepare for you current and future markets in the most efficient manner.