The Globalization accelerator

Take Advantage of Best Global Practices

Globalization brings companies and countries closer. As companies operate worldwide, Industry 4.0 smart software solutions (or ERP) will become a must. Companies have to connect separate operations.

Xintrix helps to overcome data exchange limitations between specific countries or regions. From our experience we know that even though developed economies are further ahead with Industry 4.0, emerging economies have the most to gain. The reason: Leveraging digitization to gain efficiency. In the horizontal value chain, it will improve communication within your manufacturing. Furthermore, rising personnel costs and high potential to digitize processes will lead to above average efficiency gains. Finally, energy prices fluctuations will have less of an impact as gains up to 30% can be achieved. The diagram from PwC´s ¨2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey¨ demonstrates the level of digitization and integration expected in the next 5 years around the world.

Do not be left behind. Industry 4.0 is here to stay. Allow your company increased competitiveness and move up in performance, competitiveness and efficiency. Gain all the benefits that smart processes offer.