The new Era of "Lean"

Industry 4.0 meets "Lean" manufacturing

Smart, connected operations and products will make your team, materials, energy, plant and equipment far more productive. The repercussions for business processes will be felt throughout the economy of your company.

With xintrix, new data analytics will lead to previously unattainable efficiency improvements. Data flowing to and from your locations or manufacturing plants will allow their use and activities across the value chain to be streamlined in countless new ways.

Waste will be cut or eliminated. Our embedded solution will allow sensors in products to identify the need for service before a component fail, reducing and eliminating downtimes. This will reveal if maintenance is necessary. Wasted capacity will be driven out. Production will report on product location and use. Product-as-a-service models will allow customers to pay only for what they actually need.

Experience data and connectivity empowerment that will lead you to the new era of ¨Lean¨. Make sharing assets possible or easier than ever before.