Why Now

Why Industry 4.0 is a must, NOW

The underlying trend towards increasing digital interconnectivity and convergence of the real and virtual worlds, is already at the core of the economic and social agenda of many governments, institutions and companies. The new world of decentralization and autonomous real-time production is here to stay. This comes with challenges and requires a new mind set.

Smart factories produce smart products: intelligent, networked objects, devices and machines that underpin theservices provided in Industry 4.0. Xintrix products are developed based on our customers´ needs. New data-driven business processes are created on flexible networking and largely automated collaboration in digital ecosystems. We shape all our products to provide a better proposition for our customers, contributing to social welfare and permitting workers to enjoy better working conditions. This represents a production revolution both in terms of innovation, cost and time savings, creating additional and unique market opportunities.

Experience numerous advantages over conventional manufacture and production. Optimize individual customer product manufacturing via intelligent compilation of ideal production systems. Factor account product properties like costs, logistics, security, reliability, time and sustainability, which lead to efficient production, tailored adjustments to your workforce so that the machines adapt to the human work cycle. Bellow you can see some additional benefits and why now is the time to adapt to the way of things to come.