Managing Big Data

Managing Big Data in industry 4.0

Interconnectivity creates Big data. According to a recent survey by LNS Research and MESA, published by Forbes, Big Data is delivering the greatest manufacturing performance improvements today in the following 4 areas:

  1. Better forecasts of product demand and production (46%),
  2. Understanding plant performance across multiple metrics (45%),
  3. Providing faster service and support to customers (39%) and
  4. Real -Time Alerts based on analyzing manufacturing Data (38%).

Big Date increases accuracy, by monitoring hundreds of variables, to ensure the purity of ingredients and substances being made, stay in compliance. Manufacturing value chains in highly regulated industries rely on Big Data to galvanize diverse multifunctional departments together, making Big Data and advanced analytics very critical to success. According to a report by PwC; ¨Industry 4.0 – Building your digital enterprise¨ (April 2016) conducted in 26 countries, among 2,000 companies, Big Data lies at the heart of Industry 4.0. The graph bellow demonstrates this point. On the same graph created from the same PwC report, only half of the companies currently, use data to drive decisions. However, in the future, this will change. To succeed, companies will need to use data in predictive, forward-looking ways that make sense of market developments and customer behavior, to improve products and develop new products and services.

Xintrix support Big Data Management in a number of ways. Bellow you can see five of those:

  1. Compliance and traceability

Measuring compliance and traceability to the machine level becomes possible with Big Data. Operation managers are getting immediate visibility into the machine operations by using xintrix and the embedded sensors. Advanced analytics show quality, performance and training variances by each machine and its operators. This is invaluable in streamlining workflows in a production center and is becoming increasingly commonplace.

  1. Understanding Profitability

Big Data allows selling only the most profitable customized or build-to-order configurations of products that impact production the least. For complex manufacturers, customized or build-to-order products deliver higher-than-average gross margins. Costs increase when production processes are not efficient. Using advanced analytics, manufacturers will understand, which of their configurations have the smallest impact to existing production schedules, machine scheduling, staffing and shop floor level.

  1. Quality Management

Big Data allows a more strategic view of quality. Together with analytics, they are providing insights into which parameters matter most to quality management and compliance. The majority of these parameters are corporate-wide, not just limited to quality management or compliance departments alone.

  1. Daily production Impacts to financial performance

By unifying daily production to financial metrics, you have a greater chance of profitably scaling your operations. Quantify how daily production impacts financial performance, with visibility to the machine level. Xintrix delivers the missing link that can unify daily production activity to the financial performance of a manufacturer. 

  1. Strategic Services

Xintrix makes the level of recommendations contextual so customers can get greater value. By monitoring products and proactively providing preventative maintenance recommendations, services becomes strategic and a contributor to customers’ goals                     

Experience Big Data management empowerment. Allow our solutions to support you in analyzing with Big Data and identifying opportunities that are created.  Achieve greatest manufacturing performance improvements in better forecasts of product demand and production, understand your plant performance across multiple metrics, provide faster service and support to customers and get real-time alerts based on analyzing manufacturing data.