Sustainability in Industry 4.0

New levels of Sustainability

Climate change, energy limitations and resource efficiency, are the sustainability drivers that mainly will influence the new industrial revolution. Social challenges, geopolitical and regulatory changes will result in transformation of manufacturing and leads into new opportunities, Industry 4.0 from a sustainability perspective.

Xintrix´s concept of Industry 4.0 includes sustainability as an integral part of our strategy. Industry 4.0 affects production processes. Manufacturing intelligence, facilitated by smart data integration, will impact value chains, creating sustainability benefits. Some of those are: 

  1. Create positive sustainability impacts along your whole value chain,
  2. Increase your efficiency, both ecological and economical,
  3. Collaborate across your sector developing Industry 4.0 concepts that will include sustainability,
  4. High flexibility in production,
  5. Decentralization of product and service portfolio,
  6. Develop strategies and products, considering consumer and lifestyle aspects,
  7. Acquire new understanding of consumers,
  8. Achieve shorter development period,
  9. Small batch processing.

With over 25 year’s governmental and industrial experience uniform industrial standards set by policy makers and industrial associations help with many challenges. Some of those are investment levels, clarity on business cases for new industrial applications and sufficient skills to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

Experience holistic sustainability through:

  1. Smart grid integration,
  2. CO2 emission control,
  3. Minimization of waste, scrap, energy and administrative tasks,
  4. Productivity increases,
  5. Complexity and cost reductions,
  6. Inventory reductions through real-time smart inventory management and traceability and
  7. Real-time supply chain optimization & supplier’s integration.

For more specific solutions and how xintrix can bring you a new level of sustainability and value innovation please see Environmental Management & Value innovation.