Process & Energy Industries

Process and Energy Industries in Industry 4.0

For Process and Energy industries, Industry 4.0 is more than just an intelligent network of production processes. It has far-reaching effects on all kinds of automation.

Xintrix as an industry 4.0 expert in both IT solutions and augmented services has been able to put this expertise to good effect in all our customers' fields of application. All-embracing condition monitoring, in conjunction with regulating and controllable operating parameters, can be applied to any set of operations in automation engineering. Our process and energy customers have moved from intelligent diagnostic methods to optimizing process design. Intelligent diagnostics technology increases process reliability and reduces set-up times while improved transparency in process automation ensures prolonged plant availability.

Xintrix’s solutions have supported companies in the following industries: 

Unparalleled flexibility of processes that empower your plant operators to act with foresight. Experience independent communication systems that provide your control system with specific results, measured at different levels of the automation pyramid.