Smart Situational Awarness

Smart Situational Awareness empowerment

The future is digital. Managing your operations means facing on a daily basis challenges with high quality data. Obtaining high quality data requires IT solutions which monitor interoperable operations, automatically. As a result many companies limited IT solutions exclude them frombenefiting from Smart Data analytics.

Xintrix embedded IT solution embraces connectivity. Our system allows you to take full advantage of Smart Data analytics. How? Full interoperability across operations, processes, machines etc. give you a holistic view. Data interchange in real-time, show you how everything is in milliseconds. Alarms, reports, notifications across multiple platforms create a sixth sense. Experience smart situational awareness with:

Smart factories use Smart Data. Listen to your company talking to you, using high quality data from automatic data feeds, across your whole operations. Be part of the new industrial evolution and utilize smart solutions to gain unparalleled advantages.