Integrated Alert System

Integrated Alert System empowerment

Automatic alerts for critical situations are an essential part of any modern facility and operation system, as it helps to avoid costly surprises and disasters. The implementation, however, is a challenge. The reason: It requires all-embracing interoperability between company IT solutions and operational assets.

Our solution with a few clicks empowers you with automatic, real-time alerts procedures, for multiple critical situations, like:

  • Constraints,
  • Energy peaks,
  • Escalation routines,
  • Machine disturbances,
  • Material shortages,
  • Predictive maintenance,
  • Process anomalies,
  • Quality deviations,
  • Security and
  • Tool defects.

In the events of critical incidents, violations or other predefined scenarios, our interoperable alerts solution informs instantly a predetermined group of people, like executive management, external contract managers, site general managers, etc. Easy-to-use and scalable, with a variety of warnings, suitable for every need and accessible in multiple formats and smart device, including tablets and other mobile devices.

Be proactive and informed in advance of critical status changes in your operations. Avoid once and for all major disruptions and costly damages. Predetermine your actions and emergency procedures, always being a step ahead.