Value Creation

Value creation from Smart Data & Predictive Analytics

Using historical data instead of real-time data is like driving a car looking into the mirror. What you see is correct, but does not reflects the actual situation. Most enterprise IT system work with historic data due to limited interoperability.

Smart Data and Predictive Analytics require real-time and interoperable information, which is exactly what we offer. Xintrix´ssmart solution helps you achieve high levels of reliable information and forecasting. "Near Zero Downtimes" of zero, predictive maintenance& manufacturing capabilities as well as prognosticsare some of our value creation capabilities. Access to high quality big data and analytical opportunities will create further value and lead to new business opportunities and business ideas.

Create the future based on smart data and predictive analytics. Allow your team to use the best solution and support their decisions and planning effectively. Move from reactive to predictive maintenance and feel the changes in profitability and efficiency. Take advantage of all the opportunities that smart data and predictive analytics bring and raise your company standards and competitiveness to the next level.