Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) in Industry 4.0

Smart employee management, in real time, allows flexible employee planning, which can be based on company needs. Connected processes, products and services demand new skills across the value chain, as well as new working styles and cultural norms. This is a challenge with most classical IT solutions due to their limitations with real-time information and whole company IT interoperability.

Xintrix supports you with a number of benefits when it comes to Human Resources opportunities from Industry 4.0. Our system is automated and intuitive using real-time data, and current operator’s information. This results to a unique and always up to date company HR administration system. Empower your HR department with transparency, real-time impact analytical capabilities and multiple shift models, including simulations.

Bellow we have a list of all the HR items xintrix can support you with.

Experience ¨Smart¨ HR management. Be empowered with best performing HR adaptions. Consider all aspects of your employee management, in real-time and enter the digital age of HR capabilities. Increase productivity, identify and eliminate employee bottlenecks. Empower your operations with an optimal workforce management system, which searches for the best solution and the right people, for executing every kind of job.