Facility Management

Facility management of 24/7 interoperability

Managing and coordinating diverse activities requires special expertise as most software solutions are not proactive but reactive. Proactive solutions require real-time data and holistic interoperability; which most classical solutions do not offer.

Using our Industry 4.0 software solution your facility is talking to you, helping you create the base to achieve high levels of quality, efficiency, and performance. Real-time data collection and integrated process solutions empowering you with smart facility management. Experience 24/7 awareness with data monitoring, alerts, reports, simulations, and many more features.

Our services support you realizing your strategy as we focus on fast and sustainable wins. We support you with the understanding and translation of information, helping your people make the most of our smart solutions, allowing total facility management with:

Maximize asset preservation and save money, time and unwanted surprises. Use xintrix´s smart solution and augmented services and achieve maximum operational and maintenance levels.