Industry Experience

Industry Experience in Industry 4.0

Value for a company results from transparency and efficiency. In order for companies to be competitive in fast markets, it is essential that IT solutions are contributing in a positive way to companies’ values. Companies might combine different businesses and business processes for different parts of their operations. IT solutions must allow a holistic view of operations, in real time, including multiple IT systems used by different departments, machines, etc.

In xintrix we empower you with Industry 4.0 required levels of transparency, efficiency and interoperability. We are aware that classical systems offer inflexible solutions, which limit your operational efficiencies. Our solution has been created after years of working around the world with diverse industries and clients. This experience led us to create a single, flexible IT solution that adapts to different industries, parameters and requirements. Data transferred from all connected assets in your environment operates continuously and in real-time. Being highly personalized, with different process solutions that are applied to your specific needs saving you time, increasing your efficiencies and simplifies your complexities. Local or global level information is then displayed, to the teams you want, when you want, in an intuitive manner.

Our augmented services further support your needs. Operational efficiency is increased through flexibility and unparalleled adaptability of our solutions.

We have experience in three big industrial categories. Those are:

Create transparency across diverse operations, multiple locations and business processes. Interconnect all your IT solutions in real-time, and avoid extra costs and added complications through smart, agile German designed IT solutions. Experience truly global best practice solutions and both services and IT that fits to your level of ambition.