Metal & Steel

Metal and Steel industries in Industry 4.0

The Metal and Steel industry today are facing issues with global market competition, environmental sustainability, overcapacity, high raw material, energy costs and price volatility.

Xintrix helps Metal and Steel companies achieve flatter global organizations, which are agile, lean and capable of achieving unprecedented speed, responsiveness, and profitability. Some examples of how we support companies in this this industry are:

  • Machine monitoring and maintenance,
  • Smart production planning,
  • Interactive supply chain management,
  • Batch traceability,
  • Predictive analytics to streamline supply chains,
  • Performance maximization and agility enhancement,
  • Developing R&D processes & new technologies incorporation,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Predictive maintenance.

Increase your margins, reduce your costs and achieve smart production capabilities and unparalleled efficiency levels through total interoperability and real-time transparency.