Rubber & Plastics

Rubber and Plastics in the New Industrial Revolution

Competitive intensity is the new normality of this industry, as it touches every market and every region of the world. Global competition, unstable oil prices and changing environmental / sustainability regulations, as well as consumer perception, will continue to play a big role in the future of companies in this industry.             

Xintrix smart factory software solutions and augmented services have empowered for decades our Rubber and Plastics customers. Some of the areas we can support you are:

  • Environmental and sustainability solutions and monitoring,
  • Cavity monitoring,
  • Batch traceability,
  • Production increase,
  • Real-time tool monitoring and maintenance,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Energy reduction and efficiency increase,
  • Interactive supply chain management,
  • Planning, progress and real-time order management,
  • Developing R&D processes & new technologies incorporation,
  • Waste management support and component monitoring.

Experience the new era of lean. Develop Industry 4.0 smart processes and planning capabilities and be empowered with unparalleled efficiency.