Xintrix Smart Software

The future of Enterprise Smart Solutions

The world is moving to the next industrial level, the Industry 4.0. It is the future as it creates unforeseen growth in all industries. However, it comes with challenges as it requires smart agile software solutions.

Innovation is the heartbeat of German industry, the global leader regarding quality, efficiency, innovation, reliability, and sustainability. Xintrix smart software is constantly being developed with the corporation of some of the best German educational institutions and our clients. This results in a completely new age solution, not just another ERP or MES system. Our smart system is an Enterprise Management Solutions, which can be operated alone or as part of an ERP or MES solution. Interoperable, it provides real-time information, leading to direct value innovation for your company.

Some of the benefits our EMS solutions brings are can be seen bellow.

  • Acceleration of IT operations,
  • Achieve accurate forecasts of product demand and production, based on real-time data,
  • Continues improvement capabilities due to Integrated advanced analytics frameworks,
  • Faster service and support to customers,
  • Greater visibility into supplier quality levels and greater accuracy in predicting supplier performance over time,
  • Identify most profitable customized or build-to-order configurations of products and services, that impact operations the least,
  • Increase of efficiency, revenue, accuracy, quality and yield of production,
  • Interoperability of IT infrastructure with other manufacturing and operational systems (ERP, MES, company own, etc.)
  • Measuring compliance empowerment and traceability to the machine level,
  • Plant performance transparency and understanding across multiple metrics,
  • Quantify daily production impact in financial performance with visibility to the machine level,
  • Strategic services empowerment contributing to customers’ goals by monitoring products and proactively providing preventative maintenance recommendations,
  • Unite quality management and compliance systems, making them a corporate priority.

Experience the revolution in smart software solutions. Change your paradigm on the level of possibilities and gains you can accomplish, with EMS solutions. Experience holistic company transformation, and see and feel the value innovation that Industry 4.0 creates.