Smart Quality Reporting

All embracing Smart Quality Reporting

To achieve perfect quality levels, smart and automatic reporting procedures must be in place. Smart means based on real-time data, generated instantaneously and correlating relevant information. Classical quality systems are not deep enough embedded into IT landscapes. This lack of automation limits your quality reporting and therefore efficiency.

Smart quality reporting requires a new type of software with all-embracing interconnectivity. Xintrix´s solution automatically records quality data and provides any kind of configured / customized, quality reports. Our interoperability capabilities, with any system, machine, station or process, enables you to get instantly updated reports, with minimal efforts. Those reports can be accessible from your smart device.

Create the quality reports you want, including tables and graphs. Predefine relevant information and provide the right conclusions, in an intuitive and simple manner. Relieve your team from manual work and focus on added value.