Smart Technology

Smart Technology & Industry 4.0

According to German Trade and Invest (GTAI), Industry 4.0 is defined as "a paradigm shift, made possible by technological advances, which constitute a reversal of conventional production process logic".  This is a challenge in different levels, for many companies.

In order to increase efficiency and flexibility, technology has to function precisely in production with programmed intelligence and flawless communication. This is what we call ¨Smart Technology¨, exactly what xintrix does. We integrate Information Technology (IT) with Operations Technology (OT). Using real-time data and advanced interoperability, we enable you with new manufacturing and service capabilities, in entirely new ways. Your performance increases, leading you to better profitability, quality and efficiency.

Make your value chain self-conscious and become a platform for innovation. Use smart technology and maximize productivity and production flexibility. Focus on value creation and new business opportunities, from fine-grained awareness into your operations.