Value Proposition

Value Proposition of Industry 4.0

Companies always want to move to the next level of efficiency, transparency and operational empowerment. The challenge is to find agile smart software solutions that will simplify their complexities as those grow and develop, rather than add more.

Xintrix simplifies your complexities. We listen to your needs and using our solutions flexible, interoperable and real-time capabilities, we help you achieve a quick ROI, bringing you value from day one.

How? We identify the facts that are most important to you and start with those first. After a quick pilot installation, which does not affect operations, you can feel the results immediately. We focus on the next point you want to target and improve. This is one approach. We also provide holistic solutions.

We believe in long term relationships, so as you invest in us, we invest in you. Flexible payment packages aim at your long-term satisfaction and immediate results, as we see those as investments in our relationships. .

Some of the benefits we generate can be seen bellow.

  • Forecasting on demand and production
  • System integration across multiple locations
  • Information standardization across multiple business operations
  • Meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI´s)
  • Reporting and Regulations support
  • Receiving information faster to empower faster respond times
  • Working capital reduction
  • Improved interaction with clients
  • Usability of software – Horizontal integration
  • Reduction of IT maintenance costs
  • Ease of installation
  • Standardized connectivity
  • Improved interaction with suppliers
  • Improved lead times and inventory levels
  • System interoperability and synchronization with other systems

Imagine total transparency, interoperability, and flexibility across your operations, both horizontally and vertically. Instant access to real-time data creating value from day one. Allow xintrix to help you experience a paradigm shift in value proposition.