Xintrix Experience

Four Decades of Experience in the Software Industry

The evolution of smart processes, services and products require a holistic transformation of a company. This comes with many challenges as it will require a change in the mindset of how operations run, resources and added knowledge. The playbooks of those transformation are still being written.

Xintrix prides itself for representing one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 solutions. Our German engineered solution is a result of collaboration with one of the best research Universities in Germany. We started by providing MES solutions and eventually in the last 15 years we evolved to Industry 4.0 solutions, with operations in 8 countries. We provide solutions to market leaders but also smaller companies, as our solutions are flexible and provide a quick ROI. Our augmented services and our philosophy of how we support you was created as a result of our experience in many counties and in different fields.

The combination of our software, our augmented services and our philosophy fully empower you transit into Industry 4.0.Allow our experience to support you in gaining a competitive edge over your markets and feel the difference with:

  • Shorter development cycles - Periodic releases of major products to smaller, incremental releases of upgrades and enhancements. We can support you get new products to markets more quickly and respond faster to your customer needs. We empower you with agile product development processes, daily collaboration between you and marketers, weekly delivery of enhancements, continual course corrections and ongoing testing of customer satisfaction. 
  • Product-as-a-service business models - Being able to purchase our solution with our smart payment packages will allow you to get only what you need, when you need it, instead of buying “shelf-ware” that sits idle and provides no immediate added value to you. Our solutions become an operating, rather than a capital expense, simplifying deployment, especially with our agile interoperable vertical and horizontal capabilities. 
  • Customer success focus - Product-as-a-service business models require that your customers receive a long term added value from your products, long after they have purchased it. This will result in additional development of service oriented business models with in your company.
  • Products Part of Broader Systems - Our software is deployed as part of a larger “stack” of business tools, whose value is enhanced by our extensive integration of our system, with your existing software solutions. Our smart solutions easy and fast integration with third-party software, allows you to develop new uses for your products and services. 

  • Competitive Advantage Analytics - Big Data analytics help you generate customer value. Having a clear understanding of your customer’s needs through Big Data analysis will show you which of your processes or products have the highest impact on your customers.
 Learn to carefully track customer usage and satisfaction. Use our solution as an aid that helps you get to the next level of productivity, efficiency, and performance.

The software industry, as well as our clients, have taught us many important lessons, that can be applied in many industries. Utilize your existing IT infrastructure or invest in xintrix´s specific IT solutions focusing on fast wins and quick ROI.