Xintrix & Industry 4.0

Xintrix is your True Industry 4.0 Empowerment

Industry 4.0 transformation is not just software; it is a paradigm change, which leads to value creation, in the areas off:

  • Product
  • Process
  • Equipment
  • Human
  • Environment
  • Organization
  • Information Technology (IT)

Smart corporations will use flexible IT solutions and augmented services. The complete package of support and software results in quick ROIs and fast results. The losses for not using smart solutions for a company can be severe. Missing opportunities is one aspect. Being left behind is another. 

With over 15 years’ experience in Industry 4.0 solutions xintrix Enterprise Management System (EMS) offers unparalleled interoperability, flexibility and transparency, in real-time. Our embedded solution collects data from sensors, interfaces and software systems, as well as actuator systems for influencing physical processes. Being intelligently linked with all your existing systems, machines, locations, etc., our system, in real-time, interchanges data via interconnected networks. This empowers you with information presented to you instantly, allowing sharing of high quality data across multiple location and business units.

Once you grow by utilizing our solution, we support you further. Our augmented services are a result of our clients’ needs. Our goal is to maximize the power that our system delivers to you and support you with additional Industry 4.0 best practices and knowhow. We aim to empower your team to come up with solutions. We provide the tools and we challenge their approach. We support them to change their paradigm, so your people become the creators of innovation and value. Our support packages, create trust, value innovation and reduce risks on your transition and growth in the Industry 4.0 world.

Simplify your complexities and move to the next level in terms of performance, competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Achieve "Best in Class" capabilities and gain all the benefits Industry 4.0 offers. For more on why and how we believe we can support you achieve your goals with Industry 4.0, also look Why Industry 4.0, Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Why Now.