Xintrix Difference

Xintrix – The Difference

Companies have to be competitive and efficient. This requires new types of solutions which offer added benefits, both with products and services. There are many solutions available in the market, however finding the right one can result in long decision times and many complications. At times existing IT solutions have to be considered, as well as, existing operational equipment. Interoperability and real-time data are an important factor here.

There is a say that goes along the lines: "if nothing changes, nothing changes". Xintrix brings you that change. At xintrix we provide you with the level of agility, that results into Industry 4.0 world.

After 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves for:

  • Our flexibility in providing the best solution for our clients, based on their specific needs,
  • The advanced features our solution offers, which helps to increase your company’s performance, from day one, without disturbances on your production.

 We provide different structures, mentality and paradigm changes to empowers you. Some of our differences from our competitor are:

  • Our smart software provides you with real-time information from interoperable IT solutions, locations and machines,
  • No license model butrather a machine license model,
  • Flexible payment methods,
  • Forty years of German quality and efficiency,
  • Fifteen years of Industry 4.0 experience,
  • Zero downtime value of zero for the last 20 years.

Support your people reach new levels of performance by simplifying your complexities. Empower your company with endless possibilities from industry 4.0 that lead to innovation, quick value creation and unparalleled growth. For more on our differences see Smart Software Solutions (Production Related Solutions, Business Services, Additional Services) & Consulting & Services (Consulting & Transition Support & Augmented Services).