We are "Industry 4.0 specialists"


End-to-end digitization of hardware, software and humans,

empowering you with

unparalleled performance & optimal efficiency

We "simplify your complexities"


Consulting, smart software solutions and support

tailored to your specific needs,

before, during & after your move into Industry 4.0 world


Industry 4.0 – Optimal Operational Empowerment leading to Your Value Innovation


Industry 4.0, also known as the “fourth industrial revolution/evolution”, is Germany´s response to globalization. Successful Industry 4.0 transition requires a paradigm change, as flexible tools lead to digitization and integration of:


  • Vertical & Horizontal Value Chains
  • Product & Services
  • Business Processes & Customer

By connecting and integrating digital environment with value chain partners, your company starts “talking to you”. Data are generated, analyzed and communicated instantly and seamlessly across whole operations, leading to unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency and competitiveness.

XINTRIX solutions and products fully support successful transitions into the Industry 4.0 world. Using the best of German Industry 4.0 technology ("Top German innovator 2016 & 2017") and knowhow XINTRIX focuses on end-to-end digitization of everything, empowering you with value innovation, while there is:


  • No distortions of data or production as no plant shut down is required
  • Can be operated as stand-alone or part of your pre-existing IT infrastructure
  • Fully adaptable and intuitive requiring minimum training/supervision
  • Fully customizable (interfaces, layouts, reports, simulations and many more)
  • Over 20 years of NO system downtime

For more information on why Industry 4.0 is here to stay, please see Why Industry 4.0, Benefits of Industry 4.0 and Why Now.

Three Products

XINTRIX Unique Product Flexibilities focus on Your Specific Needs


We think in terms of all embracing solution you seek, before, during and after your move into the Industry 4.0 world. All our products empower you with a customer focused mindset and a systematic way of looking for opportunities.



Industry 4.0 Services

Maximizing your Value Innovation


Understanding the new capabilities that Industry 4.0 brings is the first part of a successful transition. Being flexible and adaptable we consider different implementation layers, supporting you at Management, Process and Technology levels, in all areas of your operations. Your specific organizational challenges are addressed, helping you achieve Value Innovation.
XINTRIX supports you with:


  • Industry 4.0 Consulting
  • Industry 4.0 Transition Support

For more informationalso see Consulting & Transitions Support, Industry 4.0 Transition Support and Industry 4. 0 Consulting.


Smart Software Solution

"Listen to your company" talking to you


Our smart, Enterprise Management Solution is developed by one of Germany’s most experienced Industry 4.0 IT solution provider, empowering you with ¨smart¨ capabilities like: 


  • Interoperability and synchronization with other systems
  • Optimal horizontal and vertical integration
  • Understanding of company performance across multiple metrics
  • Forecasting on demand and production
  • Instant data across operations
  • Improved lead times and inventory levels
  • Quick installation & integration times with no need for plant shut down

For more information and applications of our solutions also see Production, Business Services, Additional Services, Consulting & Transition Support & Augmented Services.


Augmented Services

Continues Added Value & Innovation


Experience the paradigm change in services that comes with Industry 4.0. Our augmented services, support you in developing best practises that will empower you to:


  • Focus on your Core Competencies
  • Achieve Added Value Maximization
  • Experience Intelligent Analysis of Information
  • Maximize Operational Predictability & Efficiency

For more information, on your next generation of services please see Augmented Services, and Services in Industry 4.0


XINTRIX differentiation - Four unique advantages


We focus on end-to-end digitization of hardware, software and humans, connecting and integrating your specific digital environment with your value chain partners.

XINTRIX cyber-physical solutions generate, analyze and communicate information seamlessly, as those happen, across your operations, at any smart devices (pc, smart phone, tablet, smart watch).

Our solutions offer:


  • Optimal Transparency of operations, business processes, suppliers and customer’s data,
  • Simplicity to implement, connect, operate and maintain at a fraction of time and cost,
  • Interoperability of your vertical and horizontal value chains through integration, from day one, to your processes and IT technology,
  • Instantaneous data feeds leading to highest quality of information of your products and service offerings.

For more information see XINTRIX Difference, XINTRIX Difference & Client Testimonials.


Unparalleled Flexibility & Operational Empowerment

XINTRIX unique product flexibilities leads to optimal operational empowerment.
Focusing on your specific needs results in better, faster and superior quality of support, information and services
compared to classical solutions (ERP, MES, CRM, proprietary systems, etc.).
XINTRIX creates value innovation in ten major areas of your operations, as well as proven Industry 4.0 optimizations.

For more detailed information on how we can optimize your operations, leading to your value innovation empowerment please see Our Values & Drivers.

Operational Efficiency

Up to 40%


Zero Defects

Energy Reduction

Up to 30%

Set up time of Machines

Up to 40% Reduction

Forecasting Accuracy

Up to 85% increase

Time to Market

20% - 50% reduction



20% to 30%



Resource Utilization

More than 20% Improvement

Zero Downtime

20 Years No System Downtime


Zero Supply Chain Interruptions

Cost for Inventory Holdings

20% - 50% Decrease

Industry Experience

We have experience in many industrial sectors. Those include:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Metal & Steel
  • Rubber & Plastics
Process and Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
Diverse industries
  • Engineering & Construction

For more information about our industrial experience and Industry 4.0 knowhow, please check Industry Experience and Industry 4.0, from our top menu.


Some of our Clients

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